Whether you’re decorating your home or for a fall wedding, here’s a quick and easy tip for creating leafy containers for your floral arrangements or votive candles.

  1. Start with 2 clear glass vases that are about the same height, one wider than the other
  2. Place the narrow vase inside the wider one – I put a tall cylinder bud vase inside a small fish bowl
  3. Fill the wider vase with autumn leaves or even petals, whatever you like – silk or more translucent is best
  4. Fill the inner vase with a bouquet of seasonal fresh flowers to create a stylish centerpiece

  5. Place a small candle in the inner vase to create a dazzling luminaire

Fast – Easy – Fabulous!



To decorate for the upcoming Halloween festivities this year, I took a slight detour from the traditional, carved pumpkin. I created this adorable, feline, floral Jack O’ Lantern centerpiece to ward off any wandering evil spirits that might dare gate-crash my Halloween party.

These unconventional punkins are very easy to make. Start with a foam ball and cover it with sheet moss, using spray adhesive – all available at your local craft store. I stuck a bunch of cinnamon sticks into the top to create a faux pumpkin vine. Next, create your facial design – I found an inexpensive silver and black beaded bracelet, unstrung the beads, and then pinned them to my moss-covered foam ball, using multi-colored pearl pins, to create a bedazzling feline face.

Finally pin pumpkin-colored flowers to your pumpkin form. I recommend floral varieties that are long-lasting without water and dry beautifully, such as chrysanthemums, marigolds, or craspedia.


For the complete and fascinating history on the origins of the Jack O’Lantern, check out the History Channel’s website @ http://www.history.com/topics/jack-olantern-history.


The crisp chill of autumn has finally set in and Halloween is fast approaching. I recently happened upon a pile of cinnamon-twig brooms and some adorable, miniature pumpkins at my local grocer and was inspired to create this glamorous witch’s broom wreath, tricked out with sumptuous floral details in an enchanting palette of harvest golds, to adorn my front door this Halloween. Whether you’re a good witch or a bad weeyotch, every girl deserves a bit o’ glamour now and then!

This wreath couldn’t be any easier to make – simply tape or tie a piece of floral oasis to a decorative broom and stuff it full of your favorite fresh or silk flowers. Don’t forget to add some mini-punkins – they’re just too super cute!


Known for its delicacy and elegance, milk glass is synonymous with American prosperity and wealth achieved during the American Gilded Age in the early 20th century. Use affordable, antique Milk Glass vases and bowls, easily found online and at local yard sales, overflowing with sumptuous florals, to create beautiful centerpieces and thoughtful gifts.

I used a variety of shapes and sizes of Milk Glass containers to create this stately ensemble centerpiece for a Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Milk Glass comes in so many styles that you can use for design inspiration. Above is a quilted compote chalice I filled with lush crimson blossoms.

Inspired by the “Grape” motif featured on a Milk Glass fruit bowl, for a friend’s birthday I created this gorgeous, grape-tinted floral arrangement, even working in bunches of concord grapes.


When decorating long tables, a continuous runner, composed entirely of petite floral arrangements connected by blocks of votive candles, can go the distance toward making a big, dramatic statement.

Simply place a few low centerpieces, intermittently along the length of your table and fill the spaces between with a multitude of glittering votive candles. Your guests will certainly be mesmerized and impressed!

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Ballroom Overview: inspired by Neoclassical Palladian architecture, an alabaster, domed Kosha with gilded details and orchid chandelier serves as the focal point of this palatial décor; topiaries of pastel spring blossoms in golden planters adorn ivory tabletops.

Low Centerpieces: on each table is a breathtaking ensemble of gilded vases, abounding with pastel blossoms set amid edible arrangements of chocolates, nuts, and savory snacks.



With a bit of creative Destination Shopping, you can design inviting home décor and festive table-scapes for your summer entertaining with no muss, no fuss, and no personal “debt ceiling” crises.

Pier 1 imports

Decorative candle holders in bright summer colors, like these lanterns I picked up on sale at Pier 1 imports, add flair and panache to a simple backyard barbeque and sparkle to a hot summer night pool party.

With Pier 1’s Summer Clearance sale in full swing, now is the time to stock up on lots of little gorgeous things to accent your summer décor for this year and next.


Use your smart phone to take advantage of Pier 1 imports FLIP FLOP FRIDAYS Facebook super special deals. It’s easy – go to your local Pier 1 imports store every Friday and Check In to that store using your Facebook App to see what goodies they’re offering at deep discounts that day.

Marshalls Department Stores

Marshalls department stores really deliver on their promise, never pay full price for fabulous, with bargains galore on everything from designer tableware and linens to grilling accessories and cookware. I snatched up this colorful, madras tablecloth for under $8.

Local Farmers Markets and Produce Stands

Beautiful flowers in colors as hot as the summer sun and fresh, organic fruits of every variety are in abundant supply right now from local farmers and green grocers. I created these centerpieces using mostly flowers I picked out of my own garden and supplemented them with inexpensive, summer flowers from local markets.

ENTERTAINING TIP: create a Feast for the Eyes by filling ornamental bowls with ice to serve up refreshing, delectable, organic fruits all summer long.

DÉCOR TIP: repurpose colorful canning jars by using them as vases and drinking glasses to create an ambiance reminiscent of summer abundance.