Ideal for many occasions – Birthdays, Weddings, Mothers Day, Parties, and Holidays

My Inspiration
I have always been drawn to Floral Motifs found in historic decorative arts. When I created this exuberant table décor, I combined lifelike, floral abstracts from 19th Century French textiles, the graphic impact of Vintage Wrapping Papers, and the orderly layout of 19th Century Turkey Red Fabrics.

Gather Tools & Construction Materials

  1. Cardboard box with a square bottom, no taller than 12 inches (30 cm) – I recommend using a variety of sizes to give your centerpieces a sense of movement, visually
  2. Watertight container at least 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.5 cm) smaller in width than the cardboard box
  3. Decorative ribbon to trim the Planter Box (optional)
  4. Reamer to punch holes in the cardboard box
  5. Tape Measure
  6. Floral Water Tubes (optional)
  7. Multipurpose Scissors
  8. Ruler
  9. Wrapping Paper, preferably coated to resist water marks
  10. Invisible and/or Double-sided Tape (not shown)

Select & Gather the flowers you want to use for the Floral Appliqué on the Gift Wrapped Planter Boxes

  1. Use flat flowers, preferably varieties that are long-lasting without water (e.g. Daisies and Chrysanthemums, such as Button and Pompon  Mums)
  2. For each of the 4 sides of your Planter Box you’ll need approximately 1 flower for every 12 square inches (80 square cm) of surface area
    1. Calculation for the total number of flowers needed for the Planter Box: divide the total surface area of the sides of your box (4 x BoxHeight x BoxWidth) by 12 if measuring in inches (or divide by 80 if measuring in centimeters)
  3. Use flowers of various diameters, shapes and colors – I recommend using mostly small flowers (approx. ¾ of the total) between 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) in diameter; for the remainder use larger flowers between 2.5 to 3.5 inches (6.5 to 9 cm) in diameter

Select, Gather, & Prepare the flowers you want to use for the Flower Garden arrangements growing out from the top of Floral Gift Wrapped Planter Boxes

  1. For the Bed of Faux Grass choose green flowers with at least 10 inch (25 cm) long stems (e.g. Green Trick Dianthus, Shamrock Chrysanthemum, Plumosa Fern, Tree Fern)
  2. For the Flower Garden choose flowers  with at least 14 inch (35 cm) long, rigid stems
  3. Clean all stems of any leaves that might come in contact with the water contained inside the Planter Box

Floral Appliqué Gift Wrapped Planter Box Instructions

  1. Cut the top flaps off the cardboard box
  2. Use the Reamer to punch tiny holes (no larger than the stems of your Floral Appliqué flowers) in the sides of the box
    1. I recommend punching holes in random locations on each side of the box so no 2 sides look alike
    2. Remember to give greater space around any holes designated for larger flowers
    3. It’s best to punch your holes in the cardboard box before wrapping it, in case you make any mistakes in the layout of the holes
  3. Wrap the sides and bottom of the cardboard box, allowing enough wrapping paper to extend 3 inches (8 cm) beyond the top edge of the box (to fold over and cover the inside)
    1. NOTE: tape the wrapping paper on the sides of the box first, making sure there are no visibly obvious strips of tape or seams in the wrapping paper – I recommend aligning the paper seam exactly along a corner of the box
    2. NOTE: do not do anything with the excess paper at the top, yet
  4. Use the Reamer, punching from the inside of the box, to punch the same tiny holes through the wrapping paper
  5. Wrap the inside top of the box – cutting 4 slits in the excess paper at the top along the 4 corner creases , so you can fold the paper over the top edge of the box and tape it inside
  6. Use the Reamer, punching from the outside of the box, to finish punching the tiny holes in the wrapping paper inside the box
  7. Affix all the Floral Appliqué flowers so they are perfectly flat against the outside of the gift-wrapped Planter Box
    1. Cut each flower so that it has a 1 inch (2.5 cm) long stem
    2. Affix each flower by poking its stem through one of the tiny holes
    3. Use the Reamer to adjust hole sizes as necessary
      CAUTION: do not make any hole wider than the stem of its designated flower, otherwise the flower will be loose and not stay perfectly flat against the box

Flower Garden Centerpiece Instructions

  1. Fill a watertight container with water and place it inside the finished Planter Box
  2. Create the Bed of Faux Grass growing out the top of the Planter Box
    1. Trim each stem of the green flowers you chose for the Faux Grass so that the bottom of the bloom barely reaches the top of the Planter Box
    2. Place enough flowers in the water-filled container to create a full Bed of Faux Grass
  3. Create the Flower Garden growing out the top of the Planter Box
    1. To create a more “natural” looking Flower Garden I recommend trimming the stems of the flowers you chose to various lengths
    2. NOTE: for stems that are too short, use the filled water tubes to extend their lengths
    3. Place enough stems of Garden Flowers in the water-filled container to create an ample Flower Garden
  4. Use any leftover flowers to accent the décor of your table top

Hostess/Host Gift Suggestion (optional)
For each of your guests to take home as a memento of the event, collect a mélange of antique teacups and saucers and place a large blossom, matching the flowers you’ve chosen for your centerpiece, inside each teacup


  1. Rae Simpson

    This is super cute and so much fun!!! I love it and of course I will be trying it. Tea time everyone.

  2. Michelle Schulman

    Michael, This is very cute and so creative!! And your directions and organization are first rate! I’m expecting a book soon!!!! xoxo michelle

  3. K L Wilson

    Absolutely adorable! What fun! I can’t wait until my next tea. I’m going to use this DIY project. Just looking at it makes me smile. Thanks Michael and thanks for doing the math for me as well.

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