My Inspiration

Fashion has always been a great source of inspiration not only in my work, but in my daily life, as I’m sure many of you can relate. All the glittering, iridescent crystal appliqué on Gucci’s Broadway Crystal-Embellished Silk-Satin Clutch recently caught my eye. Still rubbing the glitter from my eyes, I headed off to my local dollar store, inspired to create a dazzling table top design encrusted with sparkle and magic.

Gather Tools & Construction Materials

  1. Flowers – when combining flowers with contemporary materials, like mirrors, I suggest using a “fresh” palette of yellow-green and white floral varieties – I used shamrock spider mums and green roses and carnations with accents of large white roses and daisies that I found at my local supermarket, Giant Food Stores
  2. Silver Tulle – I used a spool of Your ReceptionTM tulle by Wilton available at your local Walmart
  3. Square Glass Vases – smaller than your mirror trivets (item #9), available at your local Walmart or Dollar Tree ( stores
  4. “Wet” Floral Foam – available at your local Walmart or craft store, like Michaels
  5. Clear Glass Tea Light Candle Holders (OPTIONAL)
  6. Tea Light Candles (OPTIONAL)
  7. Vinyl Electrical Tape – I used ¾ inch (19 mm) Scotch Super 33+ electrical tape
  8. Beveled Mirror Trivets (OPTIONAL) – available at your local Dollar Tree store or
  9. Square or Rectangular Mirror Trivets – available at your local Walmart or Dollar Tree ( stores

Mirror Trivets Centerpiece Instructions

  1. Soak your “wet” floral foam in a bucket of water 2 hours ahead of time, if necessary, and place it in your square vase
    1. HINT: dissolve some packets of ‘flower food” in your bucket of water to extend the life of your centerpiece
  2. Create the Mirror Box Sleeve for your vase
    1. Clean your mirror trivets
    2. Lay 4 trivets face down and align the edges
    3. Tape the trivet edges together, using the vinyl electrical tape
    4. Create a box by taping the edges of the first and fourth trivets together
  3. Create your Mirror Box floral centerpiece
    1. Place your square vase inside the Mirror Box Sleeve
    2. Fill your vase with flowers
    3. HINT: to extend the life of your bouquet, cut your stems on a diagonal and long enough to stick at least 2 inches (5 cm) into the “wet” floral foam, so your flowers can drink lots of water
    4. HINT: start your arrangement with the hydrangea first, then add your larger flowers, next fill in your smaller flowers, and end with your accent flowers
  4. OPTIONAL: create a Mirror Mosaic Table Runner on which to display and reflect your centerpiece
    1. Run a band of silver tulle down the length of your table top
    2. Place a variety of mirror trivets on top of the silver tulle
  5. Finish your display by putting your Mirror Box centerpiece on the Mirror Mosaic Table Runner and accent with votive candles (OPTIONAL)
  6. Light the candles and “reflect” on your simply elegant creation


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