My Inspiration

White and Gold is one of my favorite color combinations – it’s pure elegance. While planning weddings and events in the Middle East, I became enchanted by the alabaster mosques adorned with gilded embellishments. This regal color scheme makes such a beautiful, rich statement; I’ve even incorporated it into one of my own Royal Weddings.

Gilded Vase Ensemble Centerpiece by Michael Speir Design

Gather Tools & Construction Materials

  1. Flowers – when combining flowers with gold accessories, I suggest using a “pure” palette of white and ivory floral varieties with accents of pale pink and yellow – I used white hydrangeas, mini calla lilies, and carnations with accents of pale pink tulips, carnations, and lilies that I found at my local supermarket, Giant Food Stores
  2. Gold Daiquiri Glass – I repurposed a pair of daiquiri glasses I found on Clearance at my local Walmart and painted them gold
  3. Gold Wine Glass – I repurposed an acrylic wine glass I found at my local Walmart and painted it gold
  4. Shallow Gold Flower Bowl – select a wide bowl with a bottom about the same size as the top of your wine glass – I found glass flower bowl at my local Walmart and painted it gold
  5. Gold Metallic Spray Paint
  6. Clear Glass Glue
  7. Pink Ribbon (OPTIONAL)
  8. Multipurpose Scissors
  9.  “Wet” Floral Foam – available at your local Walmart or craft store, like Michaels

Gold Daiquiri Vase Centerpiece Instructions

  1. Glue your wine glass and shallow flower bowl together (A) to create an “oversized daiquiri glass vase” (B) 1 day ahead of time
  2. Paint the outsides of your daiquiri glass vases gold 1 day ahead of time, if necessary
  3. Soak your “wet” floral foam in a bucket of water 2 hours ahead of time, if necessary, and place it in your daiquiri glass vases
    1. HINT: dissolve some packets of ‘flower food” in your bucket of water to extend the life of your centerpiece
  4. Create your Gold Daiquiri Vase floral centerpiece

    1. Fill your vase with flowers
    2. HINT: to extend the life of your bouquet, cut your stems on a diagonal and long enough to stick at least 2 inches (5 cm) into the “wet” floral foam, so your flowers can drink lots of water
    3. HINT: start your arrangement with the hydrangea first, then add your larger flowers, next fill in your smaller white flowers, and finish with your small accent flowers
  5. Take in the majesty of your purely elegant creation


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