My Inspiration

In celebration of Mother’s day, I took inspiration directly from my mom – well,  it was more like I ransacked her vintage teapot collection and absconded with a few choice pieces to create a dainty, whimsical table décor for a lovely Lady’s Tea Party. I repurposed a mélange of antique teapots, using them as vases to serve up an ensemble of sweet nosegays, perfect for your next High Tea with your very best Lady Friends (these Teapot Posies also make a beautiful gift or an inviting setting for Mother’s Day, Bridal Showers, and Birthdays).

Really, nothing could be easier – simply gather some fanciful teapots, pour on water, fill with fresh flowers, put tea on to boil, collect your best girls and enjoy a day of leisure (empire waist, silk gowns and French Twist updos optional).

For great Tea Party tips, recipes, and ideas check out http://www.squidoo.com/tea-party.

Teapot Garden Diorama and Edible Teapot Topiary Tools & Construction Materials

Here’s a teapot ensemble I created and some useful material ideas for inspiration.

  1. Fresh Flowers – I suggest lush, fragrant, garden varieties, such as lilacs, tea roses, peonies, and freesia – for the Garden Diorama you’ll want to use hardy floral varieties that are long-lasting even without water (I used Chrysanthemums and Baby’s Breath)
  2. Vintage Teapots – I recommend “thematic” pots, rescued from obscurity at yard sales, Goodwill, and charity shops the world around – for this arrangement I used a miniature English Tudor Tea House pot and a white basket-weave pot with embossed strawberries
  3. Organic Fresh Fruits – edible arrangements are a diverting, weight-conscious welcome to any Tea Party – your girls will thank you profusely for being so thoughtful and empathetic
  4. Flat Styrofoam Shapes – use a variety of forms as bases – available at your local Michaels or craft store
  5. Styrofoam Shapes – use a variety as topiary forms – available at your local Michaels or craft store
  6. Foil-wrapped Chocolates – anybody can  put candy in a dish, but the most revered hostess will incorporate candies in her floral décor
  7. Decorative Pins – I used pearl pins and Lomey Gem Diamante pins for added panache
  8. Toothpicks – used to create sanitary, edible topiaries
  9. Decorative Ribbons – available at your local Walmart, Michaels, or craft and sewing stores
  10. Bamboo Skewers – as an ecologically-conscious hostess, you’ll want to use renewable wood sources to create your edible topiaries

Teapot Garden Diorama Instructions

  1. Prepare your Base
    1. Place the smaller disk on top of the larger one and trace the edge
    2. Cut out the overlapping area
    3. Trim the edge with decorative ribbon, using straight pins, pin or glue the pieces together, and cover the top with floral foil (or even freezer paper)
  2. Place your teapot on the base
  3. Arrange the chocolates to create a footpath, rock formations, or garden borders
  4. Pin mums to your base using decorative pins to create a “Lawn”
  5. Create a miniature garden landscape by sticking the stems of hardy, long-lasting, water-resilient flowers into the foam base
    1. HINT: use a bamboo skewer to pop a hole through the paper and into your foam base
    2. HINT: you could use floral tubes for your floral landscape, but you’ll need to wrap the tubes with green or brown ribbon to make them look like tree trunks

Edible Teapot Topiary Instructions

  1. Fill your teapot with “Dry” floral foam
  2. Prepare your berry topiary top

    1. Cover your Styrofoam ball in plastic wrap to keep the foam bits off your edible fruits and stick bamboo skewers into the bottom of your ball
    2. Stick toothpicks into your foam ball and place berries onto the toothpicks to create a fruit-ful topiary
    3. OPTIONAL: tie a ribbon around the skewers for added stability and flair
  3. Stick your edible topiary into your foam-filled teapot
  4. Fill your teapot with fresh flowers
    1. HINT: use water tubes to keep your flowers looking fresher, longer

Pier One Coffee Mug and Café-au-Lait Cup Nosegays

Pier One has an amazing collection of adorable coffee mugs and tea cups. Pop some fresh flowers in them and voila, you have a beautiful centerpiece and keepsake gift for your Ladies in Waiting (or Mom).

Quick Lace Chairbacks (OPTIONAL)

Michaels craft stores carry a big selection of die-cut Lace Papers in their Scrapbooking aisle. Tie a couple of sheets together with organza ribbon, strap them on to the back of your dining room chairs and you can make huge decorative statement for your Tea Party (or even a Wedding) in no time and on a dime!

I also transformed a plain glass cylinder vase by wrapping one of my Lace Papers around the vase and strapping it together with organza ribbons to complement my chairbacks.

Tea Party Menu and Hostess Gift Suggestion (OPTIONAL)

Scones are an absolute must for any proper Tea Party. You absolutely need to try this recipe for Cranberry Orange Scones from the Pike Lane Bed & Breakfast in Woodstock, New York.

If you’re looking for the perfect Hostess Gift, befitting your Tea Party theme, Pier One has a line of adorable Tea Ball Infusers embellished with tiny teapots. FYI: Pier One has many, many other great Tea Party gifts and accessories, too.



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