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Yellow ribbons have acted as a sign of remembrance of the men and women who served and still serve in places far from home, as a sign of hope that they will return.

So with gratitude to the women and men serving our nation, especially in commemoration for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and in solidarity with those of you awaiting the return of your loved ones, I proudly decorated my family Memorial Day picnic this year with a symbolic topiary tree, bedecked with yellow ribbons and flowers, wrapped in the Stars & Stripes.

With the string of American Summer Holidays stretching from Memorial Day to Flag Day, Independence Day, and finally Labor Day, you can really get your money’s worth working this Red, White, and Blue theme for at least three months straight.

Don’t you worry – I have more hot ideas coming to inspire you throughout these summer holidays!

Memorial Day Picnic Instructions

  1. Create a commemorative centerpiece incorporating yellow ribbons to honor the troops
    1. NOTE: I designed this elegant topiary of fresh yellow flowers and handmade yellow ribbon flowers – for full instructions see my DIY Yellow Ribbon Topiary.
  2. Decorate your picnic table with a mélange of patriotic accessories in Red, White, and Blue and Stars and Stripes!
    1. NOTE: for inspiration and sources have a look at my Festive Red, White, and Blue Picnic Accessories DIY Project.
    2. Strands of Red, White, and Blue Beads and Patriotic Pinwheels make fun Napkin Treatments
    3. OPTIONAL: create your own star-studded placemats – for full instructions check out my DIY Stars & Stripes Placemat.
    4. Why not also greet your guests at the door with a glorious DIY Stars & Stripes Wreath to put them in a patriotic picnic spirit?

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