My Inspiration

To celebrate Flag Day, I dedicated my day to creating a floral appliqué wreath of an American Flag using a palette of red and white “Permanent Botanicals” (otherwise known as Silk Flowers).

With its strong iconography and bold, graphic intensity, Flag by Jasper Johns is a wonderful source of inspiration, especially throughout the string of Red, White, and Blue Holidays extending from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Check out my DIY Stars & Stripes Placemat that I designed for my DIY Memorial Day Picnic spread.

Once complete, you’ll want to show off this glorious slice of Americana – mount
it proudly on your door, a wall, or above your mantle to celebrate Flag Day and
Independence Day each and every day!

Stars & Stripes Wreath Tools & Construction Materials

  1. White Silk Flowers (approximately 140 buds) – I used a variety of shapes and textures of 2 to 3 inch diameter bright white flowers to create movement within each white stripe of my Flag wreath, including Magnolias, Azaleas, Roses, and Carnations – available at your local Dollar Tree store
  2. Red Silk Flowers (approximately 140 buds) – I used a variety of hues and textures of 2 to 3 inch diameter red flowers to give some depth to each stripe of red on my Flag, including Burgundy Dahlias, Crimson Roses, Two-toned Deep Red Roses, Mini Red Tea Roses, and Carnations – available at your local Dollar Tree store
  3. 50 White, 5-Petaled Silk Flowers – I used silk Stephanotis to create the stars on my Stars and Stripes Wreath – available at your local Michaels craft store
  4. All-Purpose Spray Adhesive – available at your local Walmart or craft store
  5. 1.5 inch Red Ribbon – I chose a rich, red grosgrain ribbon – available at your local Walmart or craft store
  6. Blue Nylon or Satin Flag Fabric – get enough fabric to wrap completely around the front and sides of your Styrofoam
    base – available at your local Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts store
  7. Velcro Picture Hanging Strips – available at your local Walmart or hardware store
  8. Styrofoam Sheet – choose a sheet large enough and proportional to the size Flag you want to make – available at your local Michaels or craft store – FYI: I went to Home Depot and got a 8 foot by 2 foot sheet of 2 inch thick Styrofoam, then cut out my 24 inch by 45 inch
    Flag-shaped rectangle from it
  9. Pearl Pins – available at your local Walmart, Michaels, or craft and sewing stores

Stars & Stripes Wreath Instructions

  1. Now, if you’re like me and must produce a proportionally exact replica of Old Glory, then you might want to download this US Flag pattern with proportional dimensions I found at to help you calculate your measurements.
    1. FYI: I chose 2 to 3 inch diameter flowers, which required the stripes on my flag be 1 7/8 inches wide, making the overall dimensions of my flag 24 inches wide (A: the Hoist) and 45 inches long (B: the Fly). The width of the blue field of stars (the Union) should be 7 times the width of one stripe and the length should be 10 times the stripe width, making my Union 13 inches wide by 18 inches long.
    2. HINT: If you prefer to make a smaller Flag Wreath, half the size of mine (12 inch wide by 23 inch long), use 1 to 2 inch diameter flowers  and make your stripes 7/8 inch wide and your Union 6.5 inches wide by 9 inches long.
  2. Spray a light coat of Spray Adhesive on one side of your Styrofoam Sheet and cover the front and sides with blue fabric
  3. Trim off any excess fabric, fold your corners neatly, and glue and pin your fabric to the back
  4. Trim the edges of your Styrofoam Sheet by pinning one continuous piece of ribbon around the outside
    1. HINT: start and finish pinning your ribbon on the top edge so the seam won’t be visible
  5. OPTIONAL: using pearl pins and thread mark the center lines of your 13 stripes and the Union zone for your Stars
  6. Pluck your Red and White flowers from their stems, push a pearl pin through the plastic center-hole of each flower, and pin them onto your Flag to create the Stripes (7 Red & 6 White)
  7. Pin your 50 floral Stars in the Union zone
  8. OPTIONAL: trim the top and left edges of the Union with white flowers
  9. Hang your Flag Wreath with Velcro Picture Hanging Strips and embrace the glory and majesty of your creation!

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