Known for its delicacy and elegance, milk glass is synonymous with American prosperity and wealth achieved during the American Gilded Age in the early 20th century. Use affordable, antique Milk Glass vases and bowls, easily found online and at local yard sales, overflowing with sumptuous florals, to create beautiful centerpieces and thoughtful gifts.

I used a variety of shapes and sizes of Milk Glass containers to create this stately ensemble centerpiece for a Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Milk Glass comes in so many styles that you can use for design inspiration. Above is a quilted compote chalice I filled with lush crimson blossoms.

Inspired by the “Grape” motif featured on a Milk Glass fruit bowl, for a friend’s birthday I created this gorgeous, grape-tinted floral arrangement, even working in bunches of concord grapes.


  1. michelle

    Michael, you are amazing!!! Really beautiful! I love milk glass and the flower arrangements you created are just gorgeous. You are so talented in so many ways! xoxo michelle

  2. Donella Headlee

    These are beautiful! You are so creative! I’m going to start keeping my eyes peeled for milk glass pieces at antique stores and garage sales!


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